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THE Injury Lawyer for Crashes, Falls, Work Injuries, and more.

  •  FIGHTER. I Was A Golden Gloves Boxer.

  •  TRIAL LAWYER. Nationally Recognized.

  •  WINNER. Clients Awarded Multi-Millions

Our Baltimore law offices are proud to represent all citizens of

Maryland – but we have to admit to a certain fondness for

Baltimoreans and Orioles fans. Having invested our lives and

raised our families in Baltimore, we know that it truly is 

“The Greatest City in America”.


Despite our Greatness as a community, injuries and accidents still

occur and are made more tragic by insurance companies and

systems who COULDN’T CARE LESS about the injured person and 

their family. Our pursuit of justice in the face of adversity is a value

that has always made Baltimore great. Baltimore injury lawyer

Steve Heisler is FED UP with insurance companies that treat injured

people like DIRT.


Steve’s been a fighter his entire life. A wrestler who developed back problems, Steve took up boxing and developed into a Golden Gloves fighter.


When you have a legal problem, you want someone you have confidence in and can trust. You also want someone who likes people and is the kind of person you would like to have as a friend. You’ll find that Steve Heisler, “The Injury Lawyer,” is not arrogant or stuffy. He is easy to talk to and will do his level best to help you get to the bottom of your legal problem so that you can get on with the rest of your life.

Steve Heisler, Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

Fear . . . confusion . . . grief. If you or a loved one has been injured through the negligence of another person or company, these are the emotions you are likely to be feeling now. But Steve Heisler, personal injury attorney in and around Baltimore, can help you through this, with diligence . . . compassion . . . and confidence.


Over the course of more than two decades, Steve Heisler has represented the interests of thousands of people who were injured in accidents, including car and truck crashes, workplace incidents, pedestrian injuries and other personal injury claims. When Baltimore residents suffer from use of a defective product or are the victim of medical malpractice, they call on The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler for experienced legal counsel from a caring Maryland personal injury lawyer.


Steven H. Heisler can be your shoulder to lean on, as well, if you or your family member has been injured or wrongfully killed due to someone’s reckless behavior. Call Steve today at (877) 228-4878 for a free consultation.


The Heisler legal team handles a wide range of injury claims in Baltimore, throughout Maryland, and in Washington, DC. In addition, Mr. Heisler’s contacts are far-reaching, and he has working relationships with competent attorneys all across the nation. Even if your injury occurred outside of Maryland or the District of Columbia, Steven Heisler will be able to assist you in obtaining the legal representation you need to prevail on your injury claim.


At The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler, we offer you Legal Action That Makes A Difference. Our case results and client testimonials speak for themselves. We are honored to serve our clients and hope that we may be able to assist you in a similar way.

Making a Difference in Baltimore


Steve Heisler is a Maryland personal injury lawyer committed to making a difference – in his community, in his clients’ lives, and in the cause of justice. Before being admitted to law school, Steve was an organizer and business agent for the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union, Local #7. His no-nonsense attitude and the way he stands his ground won him the respect and trust of the hardworking people of Baltimore. Since his graduation from the University of Baltimore Law School in 1988, Steve has focused on making a difference for those who have suffered an injury because of the negligence or reckless behavior of someone else.


When you have a legal problem, you want someone you have confidence in and can trust. You also want someone who likes people and is the kind of person you would like to have as a friend. Steve Heisler is a family man, married with children. He is an avid sports fan and will gladly tell you about his early years as a wrestler and Golden Gloves boxer. Yes, he has been a fighter for a long time, and now he fights for the rights of his clients.

Any Time, Any Place


An accident can happen just about any time and any place. Without warning you may find yourself with huge medical bills, lingering pain, an inability to earn an income, and little hope for providing for your family. A personal injury lawsuit against the person or company responsible for the injury can bring you and your family monetary compensation to cover those expenses and provide financial security in the future. A Maryland personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler will be there for you, working with diligence . . . compassion . . . confidence , to see that you receive everything you deserve from those who should be held accountable.


What You Should Do After Being Injured

  1. First, notify someone in authority of your injuries. In car accidents, call the police so they can file a report. If injured on the job, notify your supervisor.

  2. You should then promptly seek medical treatment.

  3. In the days weeks and months that follow, keep track of all expenses you encounter related to your injury.

  4. Finally, contact an attorney to learn more about your legal options.

Why You Need an Attorney


When you discover what it takes to build a successful injury claim, you come to appreciate the need people have for attorneys. In addition to the process of filing a claim – handling documents, correspondence, research – there’s also the importance of knowing the law. Without an attorney, one would need to do so much work just to get up to speed on the basics of personal injury laws and the essential procedures that need to be followed.

In addition to the day-to-day grind and familiarity with the laws and legal system, a good attorney knows what it takes to give their client an even greater advantage. They will go above and beyond the basics by consulting expert witnesses, preparing presentations, dedicating hours of their time to depositions and looking for little ways in which they can get the most out of the resources they have available.


Cases We Resolve


If you or someone you care about has been injured as the result of any of the following incidents, please contact The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler for assistance:


The Heisler law firm is also proud to assist individuals and families afflicted by restraint injuries and deaths; juvenile facility injuries and deaths; and youth boot camp injuries and deaths.


At Home, at Work, on the Road


People can be injured at home by a dangerous product. They can be hurt at work by an unsafe piece of equipment. And they can be – and often are – hurt in automobile accidents. Buckling your seatbelt and being a cautious driver are good steps to take. But they won’t always protect you from careless and distracted drivers, unsafe vehicles, or hazards on the road. A highway collision can leave you with medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, pain and disability. Steve Heisler will help you after a car accident on the streets of Baltimore, on Maryland interstates, or on a cross-country vacation trip.


It’s not always easy to determine who is responsible for a car wreck, but the experience of Maryland personal injury lawyer Steve Heisler, enables him to analyze the details of your accident and identify all responsible parties, making them and their insurance companies pay the price for their negligence. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with, delaying or denying payment.

Steve Heisler is not afraid to aggressively pursue your interests, even if it means facing off with insurance company attorneys in the courtroom. Your struggle becomes his battle, and he has the will to win.

Case Type: Workers’ Compensation | Verdict: 105% Permanent Partial Disability

On 11/4/11, a Baltimore City jury overturned a permanency award of the Workers’ Compensation Commission, increasing it from a total of 35% (causally related) to a staggering 105% causally related permanent partial disability. Associate Rob Burton tried the case and did a fantastic job!


Our client, a corrections officer, suffered a serious back injury secondary to a fall at work in 2006. A year and a half after the injury, she underwent a laminectomy & foraminotomy along with a two level fusion. Unfortunately, the surgery left her with lumbar radiculopathy as well as severe constipation and sexual dysfunction. She is permanently restricted to sedentary work and has been suffering from depression and anxiety ever since.


During the voc rehab phase of her workers’ compensation claim, she decided that she would like to open a daycare center (which she had experience with prior to becoming a corrections officer). In a rather unusual move, after a bit of haggling, IWIF paid her $25,000 to open this business, which, unfortunately, failed shortly after the permanency hearing before the Commission. Burton filed a Motion in Limine to prevent the jury from hearing about the $25,000, based on prejudice and irrelevance. To IWIF’s great frustration, Judge Cox granted his motion after quite a lengthy debate.


IWIF’s argument rested on the testimony of Drs. Ronald Cohen (ortho) and Thomas Oglesby (psych). IWIF did not ask Dr. Cohen to provide an impairment rating for anything other than my client’s back. He failed to address her related complaints of severe constipation and sexual dysfunction, finding that she suffered from mere lumbar radiculopathy, and assigned a rating of 20% (12% related, 8% pre-existing). He also suggested that my expert, Dr. Jeffrey Gaber, used the wrong rating model (the range of motion model) when he should have used the DRE, or “injury” model. Dr. Gaber, on the other hand, had properly considered all of my client’s complaints related to her post-operative condition, and diagnosed her with Cauda Equina Syndrome. He explained this in detail in his deposition and explained to the jury that if he had used the DRE model to arrive at an impairment rating, he would have actually arrived at an even higher figure than his assigned 65% (57% related, 8% pre-existing). He also assigned 20% due to the severe constipation and 10% due to sexual dysfunction.


Dr. Oglesby, IWIF’s psychiatrist, found that our client had no ratable psychological impairment whatsoever. This was somewhat incredible, since he acknowledged that she had suffered a life-altering injury, had been in therapy (at least in part) for depression as a result of the injury, and had been prescribed anti-depressants at one point. IWIF also attacked the 30% psychological rating of our psychologist, Dr. Scott Holzman (who also treated my client), based on the fact that he failed to use the 4th edition of the AMA Guides.


Dr. Holzman didn’t think that the edition of the AMA Guides he used was as relevant as the distinction between his opinion and that of


Dr. Oglesby as to whether my client has a ratable impairment. Clearly, the jury agreed.

After a full day and a half of trial and a little over an hour of deliberation, the jury increased the Commission’s Award (related to the accidental injury) from 30% back, 3% psychological, 1% constipation, and 1% sexual dysfunction, to 65% back, 10% psychological, 20% constipation, and 10% sexual dysfunction. Our client will realize a net increase of over $300,000 from this verdict and we could not be happier for her.


Case Type: Legionnaire’s Disease | Settlement: Confidential Amount

Steve represented two elderly gentlemen who contracted Legionnaire’s Disease in 2003 at a hotel in the Baltimore metropolitan area. The illness required both men to spend time in intensive care and resulted in permanent injuries. Both men have since died. Heisler sued the hotel contending that it was negligent in failing to properly monitor it’s water system for legionella bacteria. The case settled in mediation for a confidential amount.

Case Type: Unnecessary Stent Implant Malpractice | Settlement: Confidential Amount


Steve, along with co-counsel, represented an individual who received an unnecessary stent implant several years ago at a Maryland hospital. The man, who was in his mid 70’s but died recently due to an unrelated condition, had no symptoms at the time the stent was recommended and did not have the necessary plaque build-up in his arteries to justify the procedure.

Case Type: Automobile Accident | Settlement: $5,500,000.00


Steve represented a 33-year-old single mother of one whose vehicle was struck head-on by a construction truck in 2002. The client suffered life threatening injuries and was in a coma for six weeks. She required two months of brain injury rehabilitation. The client currently has serious permanent disabilities as a result of the accident including short term memory loss, impaired speech, double vision, and right side paralysis.


She is unable to return to her occupation as a dental hygienist or any other occupation. Steve Heisler and his associate Keith Kauffman negotiated a $5.5 million structured settlement at mediation. Should the client reach her life expectancy the payout increases to $9.5 million.

Case Type: Wrongful Death | Settlement: $1.2 million


Steve and co-counsel represented the family of a teenage boy who died when several school counselors at the Youth facility he attended forcibly restrained him in a prone position for several hours, causing him to suffocate. The case settled in mediation for a confidential amount.


Case Type: Medical Malpractice | Settlement: $850,000.00


Steve’s client, a single male with no children, died the day after being discharged from a Baltimore City hospital. He had been treated for pneumonia. He was released from the hospital and the following day died as a result of fluid buildup in his lungs. Steve and associate counsel sued the hospital on behalf of the client’s family claiming his client was discharged prematurely, and that the hospital was negligent as a result. The case settled for $850,000.00.


Case Type: Motorcycle Accident | Settlement: $800,000.00


Steve represented the estate and family of a 45 year old man who was killed when the motorcycle he was riding struck a guardrail and he was catapulted down an embankment. The estate and family alleged that a vehicle in the lane to the immediate left of the man swerved into his lane and caused a collision. The defendant strongly denied any wrong doing. The case was settled at a settlement conference for $800,000.00.


Case Type: Legionnaire’s Disease | Settlement: $600,000.00


Steve and co-counsel represented an educator in his 60’s who contracted Legionnaire’s Disease while a guest at a large Hotel in the Southeast part of the United States. Steve’s client was in a coma requiring ventilator assistance for several weeks. He now has slight neurological-cognitive defects as a result of the ordeal.


Case Type: Medical Malpractice | Settlement: $475,000


Steve and co-counsel represented the family of a four month old boy who stopped breathing while at a Baltimore area hospital for a routine eye exam. The child’s eyes were being dilated when he stopped breathing. The attending physician did not attempt to resuscitate the infant and he did not breath for approximately 13 minutes. The boy died. The case settled in mediation for $475,000.


Case Type: Product Liability | Settlement: $455,000.00


Steve represented the family of a 40-year-old window washer who plunged 30 stories to his death in 2001 at the Baltimore World Trade Center. Steve and associate counsel sued the manufacturers of the safety harness and the rope alleging that the safety harness malfunctioned when the rope broke. The case settled for $455,000.00.


Case Type: Motorcycle Accident | Settlement: $325,000.00


Steve’s client, a 45 year old Sr. Program Manager, was struck by a work vehicle that failed to yield the right of way while turning left in front of the victim in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Steve’s client was thrown from his Harley Davidson and suffered multiple injuries resulting in two surgeries. Suit was filed and the case settled for $325,000.00.


Case Type: Personal Injury | Settlement: $275,000.00


Steve’s client was a single male employed as a pipe-fitter in Baltimore City. While working at a job site his client noticed that several pipes appeared to be steaming. He asked the maintenance supervisor if the pipes were shut off and the supervisor checked the pipes and then assured him that they were. Shortly thereafter, scalding hot water sprayed from the pipes onto both of his legs. Steve’s client suffered second and third degree burns and spent seven days in the burn unit. He was required to undergo skin grafting and currently has scarring on his legs. He also suffers from depression and panic attacks. Steve sued the company who his client was performing the work for alleging that the company was negligent in failing to properly monitor its equipment. The case settled in mediation for $275,000.00.


Case Type: Product Liability | Settlement: $255,000.00


Steve represented a 43 year old convenience store manager who had floor and concrete cleaner splash on both feet while mopping the floor at her store. She suffered third degree chemical burns to both feet requiring multiple surgeries and skin grafting. She now has permanent nerve damage. The case settled for $255,000.00. The worker’s compensation carrier agreed to a significant reduction of it’s lien.


Case Type: Automobile Accident | Settlement: $250,000.00


Steve represented the family of a 15 year old Anne Arundel County boy who was killed when the vehicle he was a passenger in failed to negotiate a curve and struck a tree. The defendant driver was also killed. Another passenger survived the crash. The defendant driver had a $300,000.00 liability policy. Steve negotiated a $250,000.00 settlement for the family. The remaining $50,000.00 was tendered to the surviving passenger.


Case Type: Maryland Automobile Accident | Settlement: $200,000.00


Steve’s client, an elderly lady from West Virginia, was seriously injured when the car she was traveling in was struck by a negligent driver in Garrett County, Maryland. The lady suffered a broken back and detached retina. Steve negotiated a $100,000.00 settlement with the defendant driver’s insurance company and was successful in getting his client’s West Virginia insurance company to “stack” an additional $100,000.00 for a total settlement of $200,000.00.


Case Type: Personal Injury | Settlement: $169,925.00


Steve’s client, a middle aged African-American professional, was a potential customer at a local car auction. While inside the auction the client realized that he had accidentally left his identification in his car. While on his way to get his identification he was stopped by a security guard and told to leave the premises. The client informed the security guard that his identification was in the car and he was going to get it. The security guard became irate and pushed Steve’s client to the ground, injuring his back. The injury eventually required surgery. Steve and his associate, Keith Kauffman, settled the matter for $169.925.00.


Case Type: Automobile Accident | Settlement: $95,000.00


Steve represented a 36-year-old Cecil County man who was rear ended while stopped at a red light. The force of the impact was severe and his client’s vehicle was totaled. Steve’s client suffered a cerebral concussion, a C5-6 disc herniation, and a L2-3 disc protrusion. He received a 30% whole-body permanent disability rating. Steve settled the case with the insurance company for $95,000.00.


Case Type: Auto Accident | Settlement: $150,000.00

Steve represented a 57 year old lady who was injured in an automobile accident in 2009. The injury required her to undergo back surgery (lumbar laminectomy and fusion). The case was settled for $150,000.00.


Case Type: Automobile Accident | Settlement: $100,000.00

Steve represented a five year old Eastern Shore boy who was struck by a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road while the boy was riding his bike. Steve’s client suffered a traumatic brain injury and serious fractures which required him to spend an extended period of time in a rehabilitation center. The boy now has permanent brain damage. The case settled for the driver’s policy limits of $100,000.00.


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